Monday, 29 September 2008


So yeah - am def being slack at my blogging again ...but in my defense I was still pretending i was on holiday at the end of last week and I was waiting for the pictures from our travels around scotland... honestly I'm still waiting for those. The housemate, known as the Ginger Ninja from now on, did show us the pics he had taken of C and I at the wedding but I've not gotten them from his computer to mine yet!

Well i'll still just write some random stuff about the wedding and travel and stuff and we'll see how far I get with the rest of the day before I bugger off home.

The friday of the last post was just insane...rushing to get work done, having my review lunch thing, rushing off to the airport, check-in, being delayed and not knowing why, getting into Edinburgh late, fighting with car hire place re after hours charge due to being delayed...lets just say that by the time we actually made it to the farmhouse accommodation on the estate where the wedding was, I was absolutely FINISHED. But we did do some socialising with the people that were still up at midnight.

At about 00:45 the groom, Mr intellectual, came crashing into the kitchen holding up his jeans in one hand and the phone held to his ear in the other trying to talk to a taxi driver that didnt sound like he was speaking english. It turned out that the last of the relatives that were arriving to stay at the other accommodation on the estate were in a taxi who was lost on the estate and had no idea where he was or where he was going. C and Mr I had to then jump into our rental car (we were like one of the other people there with a car) and go find the taxi and get them to the right place.

I heard afterwards that once they got them to the cottage Mr I started to walk them to the door then suddenly realised that his bride to be was in there as well and he literally went screaming back to the car - least he get into trouble for seeing the bride the night before the wedding.

I obviously didnt get to sleep until C was finally back and cuddled up in bed with me around 01:30 probably closer to 2am !!

The saturday of the wedding started off chilled enough with us strolling downstairs at 9am to make toast and sociallise a little more with the other that werent up late the night before. Then after chilling around for a bit we started figuring out what needed to be done...oh fuck was it alot. Firstly we had to start moving things over to the main house as us and the groom and others were staying there that night instead of the farmhouse where others would be arriving to stay later.

after a few runs we realised that time was running out ... C and Mr I had to be dressed and photos taken in 10 mins...we def ran late there and then we had to get C and Ginger Ninja over to the house to meet with the wedding co-ordinator. I quickly got ready and dressed etc (except for the heels) and we headed off to the main house...C got the list of his responsibilities which was very badly thought out and seemed to have him doing everything...mainly the problem was that if he was organising and lifting people around the estate to get everyone to the main house at 2:30 for the bus how could he be at the farmhouse with the groom getting the fancy car to the church at 2??? I mean really.

I there I was running around, hopping in and out of the car, fetching and carrying people to the main house. The annoying thing was there was no bloody cellphone reception on the whole estate. So when I needed to arrange times for the guest to be ready I had to drive to where they were knock on thier door, arrange a time and then go away and come back like 20 mins later. And these were people that I didnt know! Oh well it was all for C and good friends so I didnt really mind at all !!! Anything to make the day stress free for them. Besides it was better having things to do rather then sitting around not knowing what to do with myself alone.

After the bride being the obligatory late in coming down from upstairs we were able to head off to the church. But in all honestlywho would blame her as trying to get down 3 flights of a stone spiral staircase in a traditional wedding dress complete with hoop under skirt is pretty hard !!

To be continued...

Friday, 19 September 2008

Off to the land of Kilts and Whiskey and mountains

So we are finally off to the wedding - heading off to the airport in about 20 mins!! just cant wait to get out of work!! It is crazy here !!

Actually dont really have the time to sit here and blog - need to run off an dprint drawings finish things up - and i'm going to have to leave my desk in a state - i did try to tidy it last night...but today cluttered it up again.

Cant wait for our little tour of driving around scotland that we have planned for after the wedding. So i'll only be back at this desk next Thursday - YAY.

p.s. to go with the theme of wedding..hows this for an alternative wedding cake (apparently the theme was gothic and it was Halloween)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Debenhams sux ASS!!!

OMG - what a horrid stressful annoying emotional day I had on Saturday.

As per my previous post I was somewhat worried about the fact that the dress from DEBENHAMS (nice big letters to help the search engines find this page where i'm going to say how much I hate DEBENHAMS) had not yet arrived. They did say that it would be Monday but since I had a bad feeling in my gut I called the customer services number on Saturday morning to find out what was the status and if they told it was with the couriers still then I would demand their number.

Oh boy did I have a bad feeling for a reason. I find out that they had tried to deliver it 3 times and now it was on its way back to the warehouse. After more questions I find out that they have been trying to deliver it to the building next door and not my work address. They then try to tell me that it must have been my mistyping !! By now I was getting more and more worked up and I realised what this was meaning and getting more and more angry at the fact that they couldnt even pick up the phone after getting it wrong the first time let alone the third time! As I have mentioned before it seems that as I get more angry and frustrasted I land up crying ...It is flippin annoying and I'm also sure it didnt help that I had my frikkin period as well. (I hate using that as an excuse tho! )

So now I start half shouting at them and hald blubbering too. How annoying. But I did have proof via 3 emails that I had typed my address in correctly and that their record had it correct. They had obviously given the couriers the wrong address.

After this was discuss I was like ...well you have to get that dress to me - I need now ! But oh dear, now they have no more stock of my size in the warehouse or online. Maybe there are some in the shops but they cant check those stocks at this call centre. I was SO pissed now. Your telling me that you cant just send me the dress I was supposed to get in the first place that is heading back to the warehouse. OH NO - that wont be put back into stock piles and is marked LOST!!! you've got to be freaking kidding me.

I still cant get my head how this company actually manages any customer services or manages to manage online orders as well. It seems that the online is run separately to the actual stores and the stores are also stocked and run separatly as well. I called the other call centre to check the stock in the stores (something that I wasnt expecting to actually work since the whole reason I ordered it online was cause they didnt have my size in the Oxford st store.) That call centre then has to individually check each store. How carzy is it not to have ONE it system that shows all the stock and where it is located. But no that isnt possible in their little world. One of the stores may have it BUT i had to call them direct to find out...again HOW THE HELL DOES THIS COMPANY SURVIVE??? I called but no cigar...they only had 2 left and it wasnt my size.

So after 4 calls I had to admit defeat and realise that I would not be getting the dress I wanted. I really didnt want this stress in my life - why did it have to be so much of a fight. I'm so glad that I didnt leave the calling until monday like they suggested on thursday. WHICH that is another bone of contension for me...WHY didnt the chick I spoke to on Thursday know that they were having trouble delivering it when the chick on sat had all the reported dates of failed delivery. AND WHY THE HELL COULDNT THEY HAVE PICKED UP THE PHONE AND INFORMED ME. I mean this is what we are all so contactable in this day and age.

So after C had calmed down the blubbering me he made plans that we would go off that day and find me a dress. He is SO amazing! After hours and hours of shopping for a dress he was still so supportive and positive while I felt like shit. I just have to say I have such a hard time with dresses as the one side of me is taller then the other due to my skew spine and this makes dresses sit funnily on my hips. OR there was some other problem with each and every one i tried on. Finally I had been ignoring the more expensive dress I liked...but with 1/2 until shops closed I finally tried it on and it was great. From the moment I zipped up the zip I knew I would be happy with this dress. Cept I'm still not happy with the price (double the original dress's price) - but I know that I would rather pay the price and be comfortable in the dress I have to wear at the wedding then unhappy with a cheaper dress.

Sadly all this drama ruined the plans that we had with Miss M, jailbait etc to go to the Mayors Thames festival...So that was also not helping the horrid mood I was in.
Strangely enough though I do think that the dress I have now I def more ME. It has black lace (makes me happy) and has a more edgy look. DEF more my style.

Here is a pic of it... P.s note that this is Tuesday afternoon that i'm writing about this and I'm still angry !! I'm now waiting for them to return the money for the dress and if they dont pretty soon I am going to start some serious shouting!!!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Handbag shopping

So its friday !! WHOO HOOO - damn I love it when the weekend comes around. I was supposed to have a very hectic day today like the rest of the week was but it looks like I can chill out a little bit which is great... cause i have the hugest migraine since last night and i'm finding it extremely difficult to even look at the screen without throbbing pain and nasuea hitting me. So sorry if this post is typed badly at looking at the keyboard only is def much better for the head !

My life has been taken over by shopping ! this seems to be my only mission these days. Firstly I seriously needed a new handbag ! my current one was fraying at the edges and i'm sure the handle was about to part ways with the body of the bag anyday now. But as usual I have to be one fussy girl.

I wanted to find the perfect handbag that i'll love and cherish and will hold everything i want it to hold without looking like I was going to fall over with such a big bag. I wanted real leather (takes more wear and tear) and wanted a black bag, with a pocket on the outside, no visible stitching etc. But every bag i looked at just wasnt right. They were either too big or they were too small. or were shiney or too many gold chains and accessories attached.

Anyways... i finally found the bag i liked even though it wasnt what I thought i would like. And the other problem was that it was cream !! NOt what i wanted. So I went and thought about it alot... even went past the bag again on another shopping trip for the wedding outfit. Until I was shopping for shoes for the wedding and went past it just one more...and there suddenly were black ones!!! yay ....And the best part... for 3 days only everything was on sale. So I got the bag and i found shoes and got 20 % off it all ...YAY !!!

Ok so I do love a bargin - it just makes it so much better for me ! So that is the bag above. Pretty Misha Barton label bag !

All the shopping has also been to do with the wedding that we are off to next Friday - I really didnt realise all the effort that goes into attending a freaking wedding. I've had to sort an outfit out...a dress, shoes, etc etc the whole formal wedding stuff. and the wedding present and transport etc. I'm so glad that I sorted the flights and train months ago!

I finally decided on a dress...I hope it is right! I've ordered it 10 days ago and it still hasnt arrived. The shop says that it is with the couiers and has been since the 4th - but it is most likely only to arrive monday or tuesday next week...i'm so freaked out by this!! what if it doesnt arrive and then i only have 2 day till we leave for the weddign and I happen to have work things on both there isnt a margin for fuck ups --- arg !!!! is the dress i chose and I've found shoes the perfect colour match (I didnt expect that!) now just need that pashimina to keep me warm and a bag to hold stuff since C wont be holding much since he is best man.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Highgate Cemetry

So this is kinda one of the catch up blogs that i've got to write. I'm not really up to writing loads as my brain is a little slow this week after the hecticness that was last week and the hangover that was yesterday !!
So I wanted to share some of the pictures I took in Highgate cemetry. After a very boring weekend on a Sunday afternoon C suggested that we finally head off for a tour of the cemetry. Have wanted to do this since stumbling apon it when walking home drunk with Mr & Dr Intelectual & C. Dr and I wanted to scale the fence and got exploring at like 11pm. But we decided against it...

anyway so here are the pics cause I cant seem to type and spell today so no more words.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Friday, 5 September 2008


So i've been wanting to Blog all week... I have so many things to catch up on, like our lovely bank holiday weekend in the Lakes, the stunning resturant that we went to last week etc etc ... BUT sadly work has seriously been INSANE of late. I've had a huge workload of CAD drawings which are freak dead boring and take forever when they are as complez as the ones i've been doing lately. Its been the norm to see me still sitting at work at 7pm rushing to get stuff finished so that I can just go home and eat and crash for the night...

ANYWAYS...that isnt the point of this little post that I'm going to make before going back to the most horrid drawing of acoustic panels!!!

Last night Trendy and Mr Nice (her bf and our team leader) invited Miss quiet and I to join them at the cocktail party being held for the finalists of a photographic competiton that they were in. It was to be a little team 2 celebration for all the hard work we have been doing lately ...basically an excuse to drink free champagne!!!

It was a furniture company that held the competition where they sent you their chair and then you had to submit a photograph with the chair in it. You also had to write a blurb about your photograph as well.

Now while most of the entrants did VERY styalized photos (some even heavily photoshopped) where it was all about light and composisition etc. But not Trendy and Mr Nice...they are just too quirky to be normal... this is what they did....

Plus for the "blurb" they simply took the chocolate pudding packet it and photoshopped to make the recipe on the back all about drizzling it onto the chair. They were the only ones the didnt use words!
Much joking around by them and by us about winning and what the acceptance speech should be (none of the suggestions where suitable for the people there's ears) but it was all so sacrcastic when how could they win with such a silly pic compared the serious photographic images it was up against.
AS they were doing the presention of the winner speech the guy was explaining the criteria that they judged on. They said that they expected to just judge photographs on the classic things like composition and light and shadow etc but they landed up judging them more on the emotive quality and the relationship with the chair ...etc etc etc. It was at that point that Miss Quiet and I turned to each other and both said "they've won it" .... 2 minutes later and the announcment...
How funny! when it was all such a joke...just a laugh and a bit of fun. They certainly didnt believe it at all and Trendy just stood there and laughed while Mr Nice gave a lovely drunken speech laden with seemingly nice comments...but we all knew it was so not meant like that. But luckily he has the most dead pan face that you wouldnt be able to tell at all if he was serious or not.
So they now have won a all expenses paid trip to lets hope that our company will let them have more time off together (so far they are only allowed to take 5 days leave at the same time - which is in a few weeks ARG) This also probably means more work for Miss Quiet and I.
I'm so happy for them and they def deserve this credit for thier creative craziness! congrats!


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