Monday, 22 December 2008

Flying today !

So the day has finally arrived - we are flying back to SA today for a WHOLE month. I just cant wait to get back to the warm weather and away from the freezing weather here!

I was over the moon come friday when it was my last day of work - OMG was i happy to walk out that door for a month. It has been absolutly crazy until now where we are finally packed and waiting for the cad which will be here in 45 mins.

anyway this is just a little post to say happy christmas and new year to everyone if I dont blog before then. I will of course have my baby (laptop) with me as I could never leave it for a month - can you say addicted!

So cheers England..hello Cape town !! YAY

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Busy busy and still sick :(

Well my attempt to keep up with my blogging is being thwarted !! bloody work - I mean really.

It seems that once we cut people at work not only have we had extra work to make up for their absense but we suddenly started winning pitches and gettting a load more pitch work to do. So we have been run off our feet. And yesterday it got even worse. We normally have about 2 weeks to work on a pitch before presenting. Yesterday we had 3 companies demanding a presentation for the end of this week. Everybody trying to get things sorted before christmas and holidays. Plus all the jobs that we have won lately are all wanting to be on site before Christmas which means drawing packs to get out so that they can actually build. So work life is a delicate balance and juggling act at the moment. But I only have to do it for 3 more days !! YAY

Highlight of the weekend was heading off to a gig down in Camden at Underworld. A friend had extra tickets so C and I got them. It was a ska band called Streetlight Manifesto. Which was awesome. It was a small intimate venue sold out and full of massive fans. The entire space was one big varing degrees of mosh pit. It was great! I just thrive on that kind of energy. The opening act was pretty cool too!! They were Random Hands. So it was an awesome night with some very cool friends!

Last night was a nice night of christmas cake and red wine at Mr & Dr I. They invited us around for christmas cheer and it landed up being one of those situations where you have no idea if there will be present exchanging or not. And you cant ask if there is going to be because if they arent then they will feel forced into it. OMG the admin! So C and I decided to go with the token present thing. We went for a stroll down the street market near work and picked out a pair of "cost effective" earrings for Dr I and a Rubiks cube and a book as a bit of a joke for Mr I.

We did arrive to gifts and they got us a book on all the British festivals and the first series of the Sarah Connor Cronicles. Dr I seemed to love the earring so much that there were even tears. I was completely taken aback but it also reminded me why i love giving presents. I love it when I get someone a present that suits them so much. That is thier style or that they really wanted or didnt even know they wanted until you gave it to them. So that was nice. I actually was a really cool way to start a week.

Well I have to be up early for a physio appointment (finally trying to get my back pain sorted) and we have want should be a great night planned for tmr. We won tickets to a dinner theater thing - for the South Africans...its Madam Zingara. Hopefully i'll be able to blog about that later in the week.

Oh yeah and btw ...I hate the whole secret santa thing...this is what I got ....

Racing Spiders. HUH??? i mean we are supposed to spend £5 ...which I actually spent £6 on the one I gave and how much could these have cost. It is just weird. I hate having to open this shit in front of everyone else and seeing all the way cooler stuff that was being given. I one that I would have loved was a large "rubber" duck for the bath that also is a twist its head to turn it on and then twist the tail for find the frequency.

oh well

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Sick and tired

So the weekend in Madrid had its high points and its low points but on a whole was a very cool weekend away. I will def have to write a post about it when i have more time to sit down and add some of my pictures to it as well !

But I was feeling pretty exhausted and not too well for most of it and by the sunday night as I got home and was recieved by HUGE hugs I had no voice and was full on infected!! So come Monday morning I just could not move!! Same with Tuesday!

Since I was starting to feel better I thought I would go into work on the Wednesday for a nice mid week ease back into work...oh no...that was not what Miss Trendy had in mind. I came back to an A4 list of things to do with the title URGENT WEDNESDAY WORK. I mean really - she never once replied to the fact that I was off sick and then didnt even bother to find out if I was well enough to come back to work. That is an insane day back at work and now i'm not feeling any better and maybe perhaps a bit worse.

Oh well - it is Friday tmr and i'm about to leave the office - YAY.

We are doing secret santa at work tmr morning so had to do a bit of rush present buying and wrapping...while still trying to keep it secret. I'm not sure about this whole secret santa thing though. In our company it seems to be about buying tat for you as a joke that is supposed to say something about you. Last year I landed up with 2 gifts...go figure... and one was a usb table lamp in purple and the other was a doll called little miss perfect. The doll seriously disturbed me. I get that the light is all about being designer "cusion placer". But the little miss perfect ...I mean what was that trying to say about me...was it a compliment or an insult? I still dont know and it still bothers me. This is why i'm a little nervous about the gift giving tmr morning. I hope it is something kinda nice.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Off to Madrid

Ok so - have no time to actually write anything since i have to be up in 5 hours to head to the C keeps reminding me from the bed!! So am off to Madrid tomorrow with the whole company for our christmas party - is going to be very cool (i hope, i'm always aprehensive about these things.

On the other front i'll hopefully be free of the 5 DAY migraine that i've been living through. Went to a cool new doctor this afternoon - have nice strong painkillers and medication toprotect my tummy so no more ulcers for me :) So all is looking good... plus soon i'll be heading on the ovely long holiday home.

ok i seriously have to go now before the bf kills me and so I wont be too grumpy when i have to get up and 04:30 am!! ARG

Monday, 1 December 2008


TOO much work, TOO much pain, TOO much stress...NOT a happy bunny am I.

Well last week consisted of some late nights of work and some very early mornings to work for me. And mad pressure to get a presentation together. Thankfully it was worth it since we did win the job.

Work has just been flat out and there is no letting up. My weekends now consist of me sleeping 12 hours each night and basically only being able to get myself out for 1 outing per weekend. PATHETIC ...and NO FAIR! So now i'm just counting down the days until I dont have to think about work for 30 days...19 days to go !!! Well technically 18 since today is mostly done.

Plus working flat out is pretty difficult if you've had a migraine since yesterday.

oh well,

that is all i can say for now...sorry for the ramble


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