Thursday, 31 January 2008

Down from the Mountain

So C is officially down the mountain and amongst civilization ! YAY. Safe and sounds and not too worse for wear. He has reported frostnip in 5 fingers and his damaged knee is not happy or the ankle on the same leg. I suppose that might happen if you decide to run down the freaking high mountain. But what are supposed to do - I mean after so many nights on the mountain I'm sure the hotel at the bottom is a good motivator!
It was so good to hear for him again - it has def been a very strange 3 weeks without him. You know that you are fine on your own but life would be so much better if you weren't.

C sounds so unbelievably happy and that makes me over the moon. I can just hear in his voice that this has def been one of those 'one in a lifetime' experiences and for that i cant help but feel such a thrill even tho it was not mine to experience.

It is going to be so amazing to see him again: limp, sunburn, beard, numb fingers and all !!! :)
And it is only 2 full days to get through until then. Now i just have to try clean up the mess i've of course left around me while he has been away - oh who am I kidding I always leave a trail of things behind me as my mother used to tell me all the time !!

Thursday, 24 January 2008


I feel like I should be writing about where C has missioned off to to climb his mountain. Also cause this has been such a huge part of life for the last few months. I never thought I would have so much fun shopping for outdoor gear !

C has been wanting to go hike up Aconcagua for ages now and there has been talk about it since I met him. Having already hiked Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya which are the highest and second highest mountains in Africa he needed the next challenge. So why not aim high (excuse the pun) and got not for the next highest set of mountains but the highest peak outside the Himalayas!! So at this very moment he is at 5500m above sea level and is heading for the summit of 6.962m.

He is walking up the Vacas Valley Route which is the longer route of 2 possible routes. It is 19 days of expedition and of course extra days to travel there etc. So he will be gone for 3 weeks !! :( So far i've made it about half way and just cant wait to have him home!

Of course it is worrying to have him go and do this as it isnt exactly the safest thing to do. People were telling me I was being silly to worry - but there is an aspect to it that you cannot ignore. Dont get me wrong i'm not killing myself with worry or stupid enough to be the kind of girlfriend that would turn around and demand that he not go and do this cause I dont want him too cause it is too dangerous. Actually I'm the opposite, I know it is scary and dangerous etc but doing this kind of thing is part of him and his personality. If I tried to deny him this then I would be denying part of the man I love. But it is more then that cause it is a part of him that I fell in love with, part of him that I was attracted to! Why would I want to deny him this?!? I miss him terribly and would rather not have to be without him but I'm so proud of him and I know what he is doing is a once in a lifetime experience that he will treasure forever. And that makes me happy !

(I know your going to read this - so will just say sorry for putting it out there for all the read but that is what i do - Love you! Mwah)

Oh and I got more creative with my blog and added a few more links in the writing :)

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Toilet Training

Ok, so when the rest of the female population are trying to train the men to put the toilet seat down the men in my household are having to train me to keep the toilet seat up !!! I find this distinctly strange and incongruous(i have absolutly no idea if that is spelt right but the spell check says so).
They have employed a few methods: Firstly there was the polite request that i leave it up. Then there was the merciless teasing about my inabilitly to remember to put it up. Then a little paper sign was taped to the toilet seat with a simple arrow and the word PLEASE. And now the latest and funniest to date is a LARGE paper sign on the toilet seat with a girl (me?) holding peanut butter in one hand and marmite in the other. And for those of you who dont me i absolutly HATE , DESPISE and AVOID peanut butter and marmite. This is much to the joy of my boyfriend and house mate. The boyfriend normally taunts me with them or tries to trick me into kissing him when he has some in his mouth. The housemate likes to sneak knives with peanut butter into the washing up just for the reaction (normally lots of shrieking and general hysterics that i never knew i had in me !)

So i decided to take some pics just to show the craziness in our house...

p.s. I feel that i need to mention that there is a reason that we keep the toilet seat up.... The female upstairs from us seems to overflow her bath often enough that it drips quite badly through the roof of our bathroom. Conviently if we have left the toilet seat up it just drips straight into the toilet bowl and there is no mess. IF the toilet seat is down then we land up with a very wet carpet which we can ill afford in the state that it is in already.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Christmas Skiing Holiday

Well it is the first day back to work in the new year and since am waiting around for work I thourght i would post up the pictures of Christmas skiing. We had the most stunning time - what a way to spend Christmas holidays :)

So here are the photos :) Click the link ...


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