Friday, 30 January 2009

Being arty with new camera

Even though it is freezing here at the moment the day s have been clear lately (soon to change) and the light has been beautiful as I sit and stare out of my window at work. Most days I dont get to go outside at sunset (currently at 16:37) but today on a mission to get forgotten items to a presentation I got to go for a wander afterwards. One of the things that just makes this city for me is the architecture. I call it architectural porn around every corner. So as I was wandering passed St Pauls I remembered that I now have this amazing camera in my bag !! I just love this camera... and these are the unedited shots of what I captured. I'm so happy with them :)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

So I’m def back in the London pace of life where the days just fly by and am trying to cram as much into the day and not get to distracted by things. But it is still good to be back even if it is freaking cold ! (and miserable weather today)

I cant believe that it is Wednesday already! The weekend was really good actually. On Saturday we headed back to the climbing gym (am so proud we got down there the first weekend back!) and introduced an old friend,haven't thought of a nick for her yet, to the climbing life. I knew she would love it and she did ! She was an absolute natural and we had her trying some really hard stuff.

It is really great being able to reconnect with and old friend without all the baggage of old. It is nice to have let go of old resentments. It is really refreshing!

Then on sat night we watched slumdog millionaire which was really great. I can understand now why it is winning all these awards. It is just nice and different with an interesting story. I also found it had a littl bit of everything in it, comedy, drama, reality, relationships, violence, etc. The characters were great as well and so well acted. It is gritty, shocking, funny, and ultimately happy. I love watching movie where I'm not sure where it is going and how it is going to end.

Sunday was a lazy day with us finally unpacking our bags from the holiday and general lazing about watching a whole load more series

We have now started some serious flat hunting which is just so frustrating. The veiwings we went to on monday were just such a waste of time. I was so unimpressed with the places that the agent had come up with when I had spent 20 minutes giving him a breif. We think he has been give the hard to sell places to try and prove himself.

So I've lined up a day of veiwings for sat to get out there and see as many as possible with different agents so that we may just find one that is close to what we want. It is going to be crazy and I just want this whole flat hunting process to be overs.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Long Week

So it is finally the end of a very long and tiring week. I'm not used to this working malarky after a month off!
Anyways i really feel that I have to document soom highlights of my time in Cape Town which I will try find the time for. So for now I've posted a pic that was stitched together by C from a few photos of when we were coming down table mountain after the most amazing climb !

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blue Monday

So yesterday was the first day back at work ...Other then the usual unwillingness to head back after such a long holiday I was still sure it wasn’t going to be that bad.

But this is how the day starts off…
As I’m trying to wake up while watching BBC news they announce that according to the scientists calculations this is Blue Monday, the most miserable and depressing day of the year. And I think OH great! But I think it cant be that bad!?! Then I realize that the rain is pouring down outside and I’m going to have to go out in it …ARG.

I potter along and am actually all ready to leave for work earlier then I usually was and after running around the flat trying to find my umbrella and gloves I head out the door not feeling too bad. THEN I get to the tube station only to find out that my line isn’t running – double ARG. Luckily I do have a bus that runs from there straight to work and since I was early I’ll only be slightly late (that is if the bus turns up soon)

The bus finally turned up and I find out that I’ve stupidly forgotten that my travel pass has run out and it doesn’t seem like there is any pay as you go left on my Oyster card even. This left like the last straw..I mean I’d only been up and awake for an hour and all this has happened.

I eventually got into work with no further hitches and of course found a huge pile of work for the day on my desk…NOT COOL. I just didn’t feel like working after all that. But I did make it through the day and even managed to go food shopping and cook dinner with very little fuss. So all the bad luck got left in the morning.

And last thing of the day …I got to have a happy time playing with my new toy, a beautiful camera!!! Thanks C, it is PERFECT !

Friday, 16 January 2009

Back to London so soon...

So i'm on my way back to London. Am sitting in Doha airport very bored waiting for our connecting flight through to London. Luckily they have Wifi here so have the internets to surf which I havent had for what seems to be ages and is only about a week !!

I cant believe how the time in Cape town flew and that i'm already going back to work on monday - It doesnt feel like I've been away for a month. But the time off was great and being back in cape town for awhile was awesome. There were some amazing highlights that I'll just have to share. As well as some pictures me thinks. Which I'll get to once back home.

C and I have been looking at flats as we def feel like it is time to get ourselves a place on our own and one that is bigger. We have such a large number of criteria that it is going to be umm...interesting finding a new place. I'm thinking that we are just about to become some estate agents worst nightmare...hehehehe

Sorry this is a very disjointed post since I'm seriously lacking sleep. Very little was had on the over night flight we've just been on. I did get to watch lots of movies though. I love the whole screens in the back of the seats and the movies on demand thing. There is just so much choice that it is VERY difficult to decide on what to watch.

Ok I seriously think that I need to go try and have a nap on the very uncomfortable seats here otherwise i'm going to be SO buggered. May just go steal C's lap :)

Friday, 2 January 2009

Home again

So here I am in cape town, chilling at my cousins house which i'm house sitting with the patio doors open and the sun streaming in.

There is not much to say about the flights here other then the fact that while at Heathrow C realised that he had forgotten all his christmas presents to me (so i'm now presentless until the 18th Jan) and then in Doha while doing our crazy fast tranfer of flights I realised that I had forgotten my South African passport as I had travelled out on my Irish. Now I have a South African visa in my Irish Passport - crazy stuff. I am very lucky that I didnt get into trouble for that though.

I still cant beleive that i'm back here and that Christmas and New Years is over. I still cant believe that it is 2009!

So i hope that everyone had a great christmas and New years party. And will catch up some more soon :)


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