Friday, 27 April 2007

I love Comedy

Was going write write about Wedneday night yesterday - but well i was just a touch too tired and slightly hung over and had work to actually do. So today since i've complete all that the company i'm temping for has for me to do for now I thought I would try to do something constructive - well the plan isnt working very

So Wednesday night - what a fun evening and def needed mid week since i've been seriously working hard and long hours (but no complaining since it is paid per hour :) ) Mike who is Mark's best mate who has been living over here for a few years invited me via facebook (oh so handy) to go through to a comedy evening that his friend was organising and MCing. So Callum and I decided that it was def be cool to take in so comedy. We met up after work and missioned off south to wandsworth. We finally made it to Global resturant the venue after ambling along the Thames and through parks and with the handy use of google maps on Callums phone! (a since person - me- left the map at the office)

We met up with Mike who by the way I had never met but thanks to the wonderful world of the internet had chatted with before and know his bro back in SA. And so began the drinking, eating, talking, getting to know each other ...and of course there was so comedy in between.

It was great and of course made me realise again that I love comedy ! It is always a good night out and is really great that you get to laugh so hard that your stomach feels like it is going to go into spams !

So as the night wraps up at the resturant we are all well on our way to being just slightly drunk and we attempt to head off in the direction of transport home....we get up to the train station and there are no more we head off to waterloo (with Callum leap frogging poles that probably took me up to the waist) and made a serious scramble/run for the last tube. Sadly we literally go to the platform in time to wave goodbye to the last tube. So we walk back through the station with basically the staff laughing at the 2 drunken people that has missed the tube who themselves were in hysterics over it. Then onto the bus stop ... this would be a long wait and a long bus ride cabbing it home was the option choosen!

Finally home and into bed and 4 and a 1/2 hours later up we get to mission off to work. We were very thankful that the tube god saw fit to smile down on us that morning giving us nice realitively empty tube and a pleasant journey into work and such and easy fast journey that I was even early for work (Callum is always early cause awesomely he travels with me!)

And now it is Friday - so glad it is the weekend and get to sit back and relax. Callum is off to work on sat and maybe sun so will be left to my own devices - hehehehe.

Happy freedom day to all the South africans ! Hope you are enjoying the public holiday and the long weekend. I'm sure there with some seriously sore heads from last night ! Was really sad to miss Lukes birthday celebrations which were off to a great start when I spoke to him at 10pm!

So back I go to finding some work to occupy me ...

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Catch up

So ive been killer busy at the moment what with the temp job and happily spending quality time with the boyfriend. so need to do a bit of catch up of what i've been up to and then email everyone so I dont get killed for my lack of communication from my side.

So the week after Cornwall was pretty much spend enjoying sleep time and going to a job interview, arbing around the Tate Modern, spending time with Meyrick as he passed through London (was a really great relaxing afternoon - thanks meyrick!) and then getting the temp job. Went in on the friday and had to CAD up a plan and try and figure out how to use AutoCAD 2007 (using the new palette tools took some time to learn but are a really great new feature which in the long run makes life much easier) It turns out that it was a test and that i passed and could work for them. Turned out that they were also still learning 2007 and were battling with the same things that I was and I figured them out and therefore impressed them.

Friday night was Callums pub night drink with the work mates (generally a usual thing) and i was invited down to meet the work colleges. Was a very cool night and had Callum and I making our way back home at kick out time just a touch (read pretty) tispy. Was very cool to meet all the people that Callum talks about and some more. He works in a pretty big company and since he is the IT support know most of them. And we mangaged to avoid too many drilling re our relationship.

Sat had Callum proudly off to to the arsenal staduim to join his colleges in the box seats. The company project managed the new stadium and therefore the company has so many box seat tickets to use. He had a fantastic time as it was a very important grudge match against Bolton. He def came home nice and stuff after being fed with that most amazing array of food as a buffet including a mass of deserts that he had to have some of everything. Damn he can eat a shitload and I have no idea where it all goes.

While he was off doing that - I went and met up with Jenna, Kathryn and Jenny at marble arch. They then took me off shopping to Primark on Oxford st. It is kinda a low cost fashion and homestuff store. I'm all good with shopping but having to queue to get into the shop it is so busy and then fight your way around while clutching baskets trying to browse and then having to stand in a queue to try things on for 1/2 an hour and then queueing for another 1/2 hour to pay for it just doesnt do it for me. ANyways... WE then got some picnic food and then missioned off to sit in Hyde Park in the beautiful warm afternoon sun.

At this point I just have to say that i've had such great weather over here - it has been sunny blue skies most days and if it grey in the morning then the sun does come out at some stage in the day. Have actually mostly been way too hot here. What with all the walking and the hotness that is the tube system.

So then after the shopping and sunning I met back up with Callum and we missioned off to west london to go visit Garrick at the pub he is working at ...both of us were pretty tired and landed up holding onto the bar, drinking and watching the cricket. And then off we missioned back home.

The next day Callum and I after a late start - hmm the mornings seem to run away so easily - we made our way down to Camden to stroll around the markets and shops and food stalls etc. It was such a great after noon ending with us camped out in the back outside area of the Camden lock traven with the newspapers drinking the afternoon way and sharing a roast lamb and yorkshire pudding and raost vegs which was fantastic. By this time I was truely drunk - dont ask me how ...and slowly we made our way home via the bus - def a new experience.

The following week was pretty uneventful with me working and all. Evening comprised of cooking dinner, laundry and feeding my addiction of the series Heroes !!! It is completely addictive and have to get Callum to stop me from watching them endlessly !

Last Sat had my amazing boyfriend getting up and going food shopping and came home and cooked us a full fry up of a breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, tomatoes and mushrooms. We then went to investigate the organic market up the road by our tube. which actually turned out it sucked and we instead fed our addiction for books at the book stall and buying a few books :)

We then landed up missioning off to the big grocery store for picnic things but landed up doing a major shop and having to carry the heavy parcels back home - with the boyfriend taking them all on for the last stretch. We then were too tired to go picnic as was the plan and instead went to Leicester Square to catch a movie and Hagen Das. Our first date movie :)

On sunday we then made our mission of picnicing on hampstead heath a reality after yet again another late start. So off we mission up the hill into hampstead village and onto the heath at the top corner. Then walk around a bit heading toward the bottom ...and finally settling on a spot on a hill over looking a pond complete with radio controlled yachts and ducks and geese. Its was such a nice realxing afternoon...but there was one problem ...we landed up bring only the wine and no food. So yet again we made out way home on a sunday afternoon a bit tipsy.

And here we are again at the relative beginning of the week - working, cooking and watching heroes and now updating the blog. Am killer killer busy at work - working tonight until 7pm but i'm not complaining as i'm getting paid per hour :)

So def need to head off the dreamland so that is it for now.
Hope everyone is well and loving life :)

Friday, 13 April 2007

Cornwall - Easter weekend continued

So the last post was getting too long with the pics and has taken me about a week to write - just because have been so busy with my temp job I have at an office design and build company - but i'm getting ahead of myself.

So Again Easter sunday started the great full english breakfast and easter eggs :) yay Chocolate! We them ambled down to St Ives with the plan to meet up with Callum's boss and his girlfriend for lunch. We drove all the way down to the St Ives harbour (ignoring all the councils signage wanting to encourage everyone to park and ride a bus down to the tourist areas) and managed a beautiful parking spot right by the harbour front where all the activity was. So since we were late yet early since the boss Matt was running late (and we were even running late as per usual) we were enticed by the ice cream shops and had ourselves some more cornish ice cream and sat on the harbour wall watching the people getting literally attacked by the HUGE seagulls for thier cornish pasties!!! I've never seen seagulls that seriously launch attacks on people. Was very funny to watch! The harbour was beautiful and was pretty much a beach since it was probably low tide. We have sort of figured out that the difference between high and low tide must be seriously huge - as the harbours are just beaches at low tide with boats stranded on the sand and then obviously they must only get them out and in when the tide is high.

Ok am off we then met up with the boss and girlfriend (who have the same height "issues" as us) and found a place for lunch that wasnt completely full and reserved. It was a really great lauch food wise but the service was little to be desired but more importantly the company was greta - and we all have a really enjoyable lunch together. Then we headed off on our own little mission to the Tate St Ives gallery. All i'll say now is that I and Callum were pretty dissapointed at the collection, as it was very small and since we had both enjoyed afternoon arbing around the Tate Britain we were expecting something more.

Then we decided to go over to St Micheals Mount. We had the most stunning walk along to beach after finally finding sand to walk on by the waters edge after stumbling over the pebbles to get there. The water was reatively warm (well compared the the freezing camps bay water that I'm used to) We reached the causeway that was a stone pathway that lead to the island on top of which there was a castle complete with its own harbour and tourist things. The causeway is only there at low tide (which it was) so we walked over the island and walked around there for about 10 mins. We couldnt go up to the castle as it was about 5:30pm at this stage and it was closing. But more importantly we find out that the causeway is going to be closed soon as the tide is coming in. So we start out over it, after about 30 secs we realise that the tide is coming in seriously fast and we land up having to make a run for it over the middle as the water is lapping at our feet! crazy stuff! Then back along the beach to the car we go and back to the B&B with the plan to go out for dinner and a pint ...but yet AGAIN we passed out before that happened.

And that is basically the story of our stunning weekend away in Cornwall as the monday (public holiday) was spent driving back to london and Callum attempting to drive in London with me navigating (which went pretty well) then signing back the hire car and missioning home on the tube - thankfully it was nice and quiet!

What a wonderful weekend that i completely owe to my wonderful boyfriend!

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Cornwall - Easter weekend

So last blog I was sitting waiting for Callum to come home with the hire car. Well he finally did make it home after a 2 hour wait in the queue and trying to find his way through central London taking a few turns and making it home relatively unstressed. Then we proceeded to pack and get to bed at about 1am. And for some insane but logical reason we woke up at 4am to leave London and drive to Cornwall. Which helped us have a nice smooth fast drive down to Cornwall where we stopped basically at a farmhouse where they served us a full English breakfast at their dining room table!

Then on to Boscastle where the B&B was situated. We parked down by the habour and ambled around the harbour and stores etc, and stumbling apon our B&B. A beautiful stone building with a lovely sunny conservatory where the breakfast was served.

*Valency B&B*


After checking into the B&B we realised that unexpectantly we still had the whole afternoon, so off we went to explore Tintagel castle (well was remains of it) We decided that lunch was def needed so brought fancy sandwiches and drinks from a deli in the town of Tintagel and then after walking the wrong way and landing up on the opposite headland to the castle (where there was a seriously kitch camelot hotel.) But we got a great view from there ...

Finally we make it round, down and then up to the castle entrance (what was left of it) paid to wander around and got a book telling us what we were looking at and the history etc etc ...mostly it just told us that everything basically was built and then "the cliffgave way and ut fell into the sea below" But it was a really beautiful and was really great way to spend the afternoon in the glorious sunshine.

*View from the entrance gate to the village*

*Ancient toilet where you basically hang your ass over the cliff*

*Upper courtyard - half has fallen off the cliff*

*The view from the Upper courtyard*

* The steep climb up to the main castle*

*The main castle headland*

* Walls in the main hall*

*View from our lunch spot*

After all the walking up and down stairs and hills we thought we deserved a cornish vanilla ice cream and a nap back at the B&B!!! So once back at the B&B at 5:30 pm we literally PASSED OUT, waking up only the throttle the alram clock in the room going off at 7pm and then at 4am when Callums phone alarm went off again (due to the previous mornings wake up time) and then finally woke up at 8am, VERY well rested - LOL.

So after another full english breakfast (yummy!) we headed off to The Eden Project - which is basically huge biodomes with plants everywhere representing different regions in the world. There was even a South African region (of course - I mean Fynbos and all) It a nice sunny day again and inside the domes it was nice and HOT. It was really interesting and pretty and I was so happy with all the tulips everywhere cause it is spring :)

*The Biomes* *Inside*

*Lots and lots and lots of tulips :) *

After wandering around there we landed up in the nearby Charlestown down by the harbour. It is a very small old town that has been featured in loads of movies cause it looks the same as it was about 100 years ago !

*Charlestown harbour..yes this is actually a harbour at high tide*

*Callum sitting on the Harbour wall*

Dinner was had at a very quaint place called the Jamacia Inn which was named after a novel about pirates as cornwall was full of them thanks to all the coves. And there were plagues everywhere with historical things so and so died on this spot - lol - got to love the bloody english history ! Then we drove home over Bodmin moor and at one stage had to beware of horses, sheep, cows and planes according to the sign postings and then realised that the road was going through a airport with landing strips complete with grazing animals!

* horse on the airstrip*

*Sunset over Boscastle*

* Callum driving the insanely narrown cornwall lanes with special cornish hedges (dry stone walling disguised by hedge foliage)

And thus we end of another great day by literally passing out early at the B&B.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Off to London

Firstly i have to start off with a little antidote about my last day in Cape Town. Anyone from SA who has travelled knows that one of the first thing people ask you when the find out your from AFRICA is "Do you have wild animals running around on the streets. Now many of us just laugh and think maybe we do in the form of the taxi drivers but have to inform them that we do not live in the bush ! Well as I'm walking into my local police station only a few blocks from the house, what do i see running around the grounds,...A GREAT BIG HUGE MALE BABOON !!! wild animal running around the neighbourhood! and apparently is still at large. So if you live in Claremont watch out for the baboon !

So anyway so last day in Cape Town was a bit surreal with seeing baboons, feeling sick with a sore throat etc, and trying to pack all the stuff i want to take into 2 bags (which ended up being 3!) And also having to say goodbye to people!

The airport was goodbyes were thankfully not too long and drawn out and in no time i had waved goodbye mom, dad, Marguerita, Mark and Luke (have to add the pic of them carrying my bags when i get it off my phone !)

The actual flight to Manchester was very uneventful other then the fact that i had written on my forehead "don't ever give me cutlery". Was able to sleep quite well and wasn't too exhausted by the time i got off the plane. Cruised through passport control - thanks Ma for the Irish passport !!! and picked up my bags and was wondering out trying to figure out how i'm going to get myself to the train and how I'm going to get my luggage and me all the way to London. I had picked the most wonky trolley that i was battling and having to walk sideways when i look up to see Callum walking toward me !!! the crazy amazing man had been up working in Scotland and had convinced the boss to let him work in the Manchester office for the Monday instead of going all the way back to London! So other then me being ecstatic at seeing him sooner then expected, I also had a nice big strong man to help with the bags :) They def have their uses.

After training and cabbing I finally arrived at Callum apartment and proceeded to settle in. This was all very slow and boring so off we went grocery shopping and then went out to dinner where Paul and Alice (Callums friends) happened to come into the restaurant so we landing up having a great time the 4 of us for dinner. Than of course it was down to the local pub (a block away - tho it seems like there is always a pub a block away wherever you are in London)

This morning consisted of me running around up and down the street that the first employment agency was in trying to find the damn company. Callum came to the rescue with the address number but that still didn't help much cause it was hiding away in a labyrinth of a building linked with other buildings. When i finally got there I wasn't very impressed with the interview and was a touch disheartened but was able to meet up with Callum for lunch cause he worked just round the corner and that of course brightened the day. Then off I was for the second appt which worked out really great and they were fantastic and pretty much as soon as I'd walked out the door and gone to sit in the park a block away (in the sunshine - yes there is sun shining over here) they had called with an interview for next wed for a job. So all is going well on that front and am feeling really positive about that.

Now I'm sitting doing some admin, making supper and waiting for Callum to come home from his mammoth wait in the car hire queue to get our car for driving off to Cornwall tmr !

So that is it for now and I'll have to post next week about the trip to Cornwall :)


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