Monday, 24 August 2009

Hair Dye

There are def many posts on this blog that I dont write mostly cause they would be about C...and well since he reads this is must be very weird for him as well! But in a way I just want to record a moment in our lives that just makes me smile.

Last night while normal couples are doing whatever they get up to on a sunday night I got C to help dye my hair! I've just started to dye my hair at home again and the first time came out ok but wasnt the best job since the roots were much lighter then the very dark tips. So I reckon hey why not get C to help....

Oh dear!

There was black hair dye everywhere!! Mostly all over my skin and some over his arms where I kept stabbing him with the bottle of hairdye... accidentally !! He used a comb and made it all into a huge birds nest on the top of my head and then once he had squished in all the hair dye wouldnt let me leave the bathroom while we had to wait the 30 minutes for it to develop. So what did he do ...fetched his book and read to me :)

I must say that that seemed to be the shortest time i've had to wait for those 30 minutes to pass. And then while rinsing it he did manage to drop the shower head outside the bath... oh well the floor did need a clean so two birds with one stone i say.

I just have to say that he did a really good job!!! And no he doesnt know what he has let himself into.

p.s. we now own 100 pairs of latex gloves...well 97 now! Just think of all the jokes he was coming out with over those :)

Thursday, 20 August 2009


So I've realised that I obsess over things in my life... not in the normal way that your thinking of. I dont obsess over emotions or experiences or ummm... me. But I tend towards very, how to put it, maybe obscure?

Well my lastest obssession is... TATTOO's !

I've always been interested in them and always lent toward the idea that I would get around to having one done - well after I get over the fear part. But it has reached epic proportions at the moment. Maybe it is also because i'm looking for creativity in my life and it is something that can def inspire creativity.

This was kick started by me randomly coming across a website for the tv show LA INK. I started watching the show and was totally inspired by the creative process of the design of the tattoo and why people where having them done. And then I got more and more obsessed with the talent of the main person in the show, Kat Von D. Then I realised that she is only a month older then me and has acheived so much and is living the lifesytle that she wants and loves. This was both depressing and inspiring. Check out her website here

I now can say that even though I'm still SO scared of getting a tattoo that I would trust her completely to do one... I would pretty much even be happy to give her an idea of what I like and then let her do her thing. She is SERIOUSLY talented. She is world reknown for her portraits tattoos and they are seriously photo perfect.

The only problem...her tattoo shop is in LA!! (about 10 blocks from the last place i stayed when I was in LA, And the annoying thing... I remember the outside of the shop!! ARG)

I've spent hours looking at all the stuff online about her etc, and then last sat night took it one step further when while in a bookshop C produced the coffee table book about her and tattoos etc and I bought it!!

At the moment I've been really drawn to her filligree, lettering and angels...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Time for change

I have a feeling that a few changes are in the process of happening. Well when I say process I mean it is all in my head at the moment.

On Saturday I was actually the one dragging C out of bed and wanting to get going early in the day. Normally it is me staying in bed dozing as long as possible on the weekends lasting into the early afternoon. Not this day though as it was the Art in Clay exhibition/Fair! This is the biggest event in the UK in the ceramics world and I was not going to miss it for the third year. (can you beleive how quickly the time i've been in the country has flown)

It was just amazing... I loved it! I really needed it as well. Firstly it made me realise that I am a maker and an artist inside and that I do have the talent! The difference between the people exhibiting and me where that they were doing ceramics full time and they all had 10 years of that behind them OR they were students that were studying ceramics full time. It really was a good realisation that I could with time really make something of my passion in ceramics. I mean it has always been in me but i've not really been in a position in the past to really persue it.

I was just so inspired by alot of the things that were exhibited. And I bought a book that appealed to me for inspiration and later at home realised it was even better as it was a book that relates directly to the ceramics degree here in London. It is written by the proffesor! It has been great for inspiration and how to chanel it etc.

So I need to make time and prioritise creativity in my life!

One of the first things that I think i'll have to do is to redesign this blog and it may have to take a different direction for now. I've also found as much as I love that my blog is there to share things with family, friends and the bf, I do find that I hold things back because of that - and I dont think that is a bad thing. It just stops me from writing on here at all sometimes. So I feel that there may be a new chapter in the life of this blog over the horizon.

I seem to have noticed that it isnt only me that is waning with the blog entries... i've noticed that most of my regular blog reads are also battling for inspiration.


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