Tuesday, 24 March 2009

New pottery

So this is my latest peice. It is a rather large and surprisingly deep salad bowl in which you can actually do some serious salad tossing. It was requested by C. It turns out that it is so big that it doesnt even fit into the kitchen sink...oops. So it kinda has to be washed in itself. And we have actually used it twice in the week since I brought it home.

Sadly I have had to miss pottery tonight since I am still at work fixing the Sales and marketing dept's powerpoint presentations! I swear they have no idea what they are doing on Powerpoint. And we swopped to powerpoint so that more people could work on the presentations. And they of course have no idea about what looks good and have no idea that a presentation should have continuity. Like having the same size and typeface for each heading on the pages. *sigh* I give up. So here I am sitting here rebuilding their presentations when all I should have to do is drop in some plans.

Ok that was my moan for the evening. I should get going now as we are looking after Mr & Mrs I's kitty cat for a week and she is currently at home with C ...he is the big scary monster to cats at the moment. She is mostly afraid of this big loud guy. Strange ...who could be scared of C...LOL. (the shaved head isnt scary is it?? HAHAH) (ok i've officially been at work WAY too long now! It is starting to have a strange effect on me)

Friday, 20 March 2009

Train from cambridge

So here I am sitting on a train from cambrisge going back home after a
day surveying (again) and decided that I was going to test out the whole
emailing posts to my blog. These days I hardly get a chance to what with
work being so busy as we are less people and the fact that I have no
internet at home.

I have the strangest drunken guy sitting in my vacinity right now
talking away to the school children on the train. He is going on about
being rambo in the jungle cause he can tell time by the rays on the sun.
This is def a reason I can see why the drinking on public transport
needed to be made illegal. Oh well its not stopping him drinking his
beer on the train.

My weeks just seem so crazy at the moment like there is no time to just
be. Last week was def like that with something on every night plus
hectic late days at the office. By sat morning we were just finished.
But we had to go fetch my bicycle from the old flat. It was actually a
great ride home in some wintery sun. I hope I get to ride it more this
year on the weekends.

Then we had to head down to fulham to a lunch we were invite to by a
friend and his wife. When he invited me on the phone I just had a
feeling that there was more of a reason then just lunch with their
friends. So we headed down there to find out that we were all there for
the announcement that they are going to have a kid in 6 months. We even
got to see the scan of the little fully formed kid that is 6 cm from
head to bum.

I have no idea how they kept it a secret for 3 months! It was really
nice to be included in the close friends that they wanted to tell face
to face before it hit facebook! Which it did halfway through lunch.

This was a really weird occassion as I realised from talking to all the
girls that they are all wanting this. ... Marrige and kids. It is really
the furthest thing from my mind at tis stage of my life. I suddenly
realised that I suddenly have all these couple and married friends that
are having, had or planning to have kids soon. When did I suddenly get
to this stage ?? I mean if kids are for me I only plan to start thinking
about them in like another 9 years time. So basically C and are are
going to be this unmarried couple that have no kids while our friends
around us marry and start popping out children. Ok. Can you tell kids
freak me out. There is just so much more I want to do with my life
before kids are even an option. First I've not done nearly enough
travelling. I def need to be more stable in my career and in life
generally. I mean even if C and I were to marry now I would still feel
the same. When does that switch flick in your head that says now is the
time to breed??

Ok that's it for now as I'm close to my stop on the train. Nearly home
and early for once! Have to apologise for the typing and spelling as I'm
typing this on my blackberry which is surprisingly difficult when typing
something so long!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Rise Against

Some pics from Friday night...just loved the venue, The Roundhouse in camden. And loved the stage sets as well...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Moving & other stresses

Damn it has been a crazy week, I've been trying to sneak in a blog post here and there but it has just been impossible and honestly I think that i've had other things on my mind.

So this passed weekend was the big moving weekend and as much as I thought we couldnt have much stuff in the small place we lived in I was proved wrong. Were did we put all the stuff we have. I'm telling you that flat was like a Mary Poppins bag!

The other bit of new last week is that the whole redundancy process was started in my office... yay what fun times. But honestly my mind was too much on the move to actually stop and think too hard or worry about the whole redundancy thing. I'm learning to let go of things. And to stop the negative thoughts. This seemed to stand me in good stead and since I responded with a positive "can-do" attitude I scored pretty highly on their little points matrix and so I'm all safe and happily moving forward with the company. I seem to be the only one that thinks it could be quite exciting. But that is purely cause i'm the only one that the removal of other people gives me more opportunity to grow in the company and take a more client facing position which is what I wanted. It gets me out of my chair in front of my computer and moving around which is great for having good momentum.

So work has been crazy manic but managed to get the friday afternoon off to go fetch van and go do some Ikea shopping!! YAY. We did get the bed as previously mentioned. Which is HUGE!! We loose each other in it. We also picked and more expensive matress and are SO not regretting that. It is awesome. We also picked up a load of neccessary things like pots and pans, crockery and cutlery. After an annoying 30 mins of trying to get everything to fit into the van we gave up and admitted that we would just not fit in the longest item. So we had to pay for C to go home in a taxi with it while I drove the rest of the stuff back.

Once home we basically landed up rushing back out to make it down to the Reel Big Fish gig in Kentish Town. Basically a friend had bought us tickets about 4 months ago and didnt tell us until a week before the gig. Which was just so badly timed with the whole move happenning. Esp since we had done very little in the way of actual packing. Otherwise it was a cool gig and always good to see some live music...even if the support act before was just a joke !!

Saturday morning saw us getting up and heading off to get the flat's keys from the estate agents and then dropping off our first load of Ikea stuff. That all went well and according to our moving schedule. Then we heading off down to Greenwich to go pick up the chair that I bought on ebay. We navigated our way down there no problems, found the guy in no time and popped the chair in the back and headed back up north. All went well until the otherside of the Blackwall tunnel (am I just weird for being excited that I got to drive under the Thames!!??) and then we hit our first problem.... we missed the correct turn off. So we take the next one and that shouldnt be a problem. We just headed down that very long rd and joined up with the correct route at a roundabout. But the traffic was crawling along this very long road. We stuck it out only to find out that a whole section of the road was closed off because of a burst water main in both directions. So all the traffic was being diverted around the Hackney Marshes. There was just no where to go but sit in the traffic. We then realised that the high volume of traffic was thanks to the freaking arsenal gome on at their home grounds (which is now even closer to our home) Since we had not had any breakfast we were starving and had been sitting in the car for almost 3 hours!!!! All i had on me were a hand full of jelly beans that i had stolen from a clients meeting room. Trust me we savoured every little jelly bean. And then we discovered a BURGER KING... yum yum.

Anyways to shorten the story we finally got home at 4 in the afternoon and still had to start packing and moving our stuff. Plus I was supposed to be at Miss Quiet's farewell drinks as she was heading back to quatar. We managed to pack and do a couple of loads. Then went shopping at the Argos for more home stuff and the Sainsbury's for food to stock our lovely big fridge. Then we got stuck in MORE football traffic. We then got the bed built and dressed with linen :) Actually the most complex part of building the whole bed was the damn slats to support the mattress!

Then we headed off to Soho to meet up with Miss Quiet (hours late by now) and landed up staying out until 3am before catching a bus back to the old flat to pick up the essentials that we had forgotten like underwear and toothbrushes, and then driving back to the new place to crash in the lovely new bed.

WOW you really dont know what you are missing when you have a crap mattress until you sleep on a great mattress. Our new bed is divine!!!

Sunday just involved more and more loads (again where the hell did we put all the stuff we have) and finished up the day with a dinner cooked in our new kitchen (the only room unpacked so far) and us in the new bed while watching some series.

What a crazy weekend.


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