Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Pottery Catch Up

So I've realised after a conversation with my mom that I havent posted my latest pottery (well latest as in most of the year's worth) So here it is...

My Frillies

Kitchen stuff

My favorite...more of this theme on its way soon :)

It is rough terracotta with glossy white motifs. very tactile.

Monday, 12 October 2009

The Pixies

I've had such a busy week last week... it is now Monday and I still need a weekend! Half asleep on my feet here and doing tedious detail drawings :(


So i just thought I would share one of the awesome moments of last week... Wednesday night we went off to see The Pixies live!! What an amazing experience. It was also made 100 times more awesome having the Ginger Ninja with us. It was their 20th anniversary of the album Doolittle and so the Ginger Ninja worked out that the first time that he saw The Pixes live I was only 3 years old!!! lol

Most of the time I was up front bouncing around with the Ginger Ninja but for the last few songs headed back to C and my work mate and his friends and this is the little video I shot there :)


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