Friday, 24 April 2009

More Travels

What a boring week back at work after an amazingly relaxing week in Wales. It really did fly by even though I was bored out of my mind with the drawing pack that I had to complete. I have actually managed to complete it even though I was distracing myself as much as possible with anything other then work.

So now i'm running off to Spain for the weekend. how crazy is that. Def one of the reasons I love living in London. I got myself a return ticket on sale for £34 and am heading off to see my brother. I just love how easy it is to travel. I've also been planning more travel this week. Mish is coming over in May/June and heading off for some travelling so I'm crashing a bit of it by joining them for 4 days in Paris. YAY!! so exciting. I even managed to orgainse that my seat on the eurostar is right behind about luck. And got the last room in the hotel that they have booked.

Well that time of the day has arrived...I get to head off to the airport and jet my way to HOPEFULLY sunny Spain....Mallorca here I come :)
p.s. My brother's flat is just behind the hotel in the pic

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Out of Range

So i've seriously been scarce at the moment. Mostly this is cause i'm out of range of any technology at the moment. I'm sitting in a little climber cafe in Llanberis in the middle of Snowdonia at present and this has been my only link with the internet since last week! I've been having a great tiem out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and hills and LOADS of sheep and their little newborn lambs! This is all thanks to some friends for organising a cottage out here for a bunch of us for the weekend and then C and I got to stay the rest of the week! how sweet!

I'm just loving the break away from the hecticness of London. I'm so amazed that i've become such an outdoors girl - when the hell did this happen??

I climbed Snowdon on Saturday and that was amazing ! I cant really beleive that I've climbed the highest mountain in england and Wales!! I've also managed to get some climing in amongest the time with friends on the weekend. Hopefull will get out and do some more tomorrow (please hold thumbs for no rain!)

well i have to run as C is standing over me waiting to go :)

Hope everyone had a great easter weekend!


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