Thursday, 3 June 2010

For Charity

Well it looks like my friends are being a pathetic bunch at the moment...

I'm trying to fundraise for a company cycle ride that we are doing for the Lennox Childrens Cancer fund, in the sense that I'm forcing C to ride and I'm doing the fundraising for us and I'm also fundraising for the company and helping organise the actual event. I'm making C ride 100km's for this cause!

As a company we are one of the only companies supporting the charity but actually putting on an event. They are really struggling as a charity at the moment and are in real danger of having to close the charity. That is incredibly sad since they provide support and positive influence in the lives of children fighting cancer. I think we all could try and imagine how hard it would be to go through cancer let alone how hard it would be for a kid and their families.

So i'm putting it out there and asking anyone who reads this blog to add to my little bit of fundraising. It is really easy to donate right here....

You can use a credit or debit card from anywhere in the world and no sign up is needed. It is all safe and secure :)

We are really wanting to make a seriously significant donation to the charity, something like they have never received before. 

oh and btw we want to have it all donated by the 11th June, the day before the cycle


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