Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Greenwich, Butterfly Blue & Pottery

On the weekend to enjoy the sunny Saturday we headed off to Greenwich Village on a touristy mission. We decided to really do the touristy thing and get there via the river boat as well. This was great even if we had to wait some time for a boat that wasnt full ! !
It really was a beautiful day to head off down the Thames in the sun with our biltong for the Saffa store in London bridge.

We wandered around the gardens and buildings of the royal Naval college, Trinity music college and Greenwich university. Then we headed up to the Greenwich park which was completely full of people enjoying the sun, picnicing and playing ball games! This is truely something that I'm not used to, it seem so community joining together in the park to worship the sun. I suppose it is kinda like Cape town on the beaches but it really does have a more united feel here.

Then there was the obligatory look at the greenwich mean line thing that divides the hemispheres. There was no way we were going inside the observatory to stand on it though since there was an insane queue to get near it to stand there and have a photo opportunity! Not thanks - we were so not in the fighting with crowds mood.

After more wondering around the park and the village and the markets we finally settled in a little pub for a traditional lunch of steak and Ale pie and Roast beef and yorkshire pudding.

Of course I did get some shopping in, in the market there (which is great...so many gift ideas!!) and have to tell you what I bought. I think it is such a great idea and bought into it whole heartedly. The company is Butterfly Blue and they create these beautiful buckles & belts. The concept is you have a black or brown leather belt and then all the buckles clip into that 1 belt. So you buy as many buckles as you want and then just have 1 belt strap. I loved this and really could decided which ones to get, so since there were 3 for the price of 2 on the buckles I landed up getting 3 buckles and both a black leather strap and a brown one. I just love the whole interchangeable concept and will def be getting some more buckles in the future. Check out the link...Butterfly Blue

Sunday saw the arrival of the rain ...which was fine since we were off for a day of pottery. I havent been to pottery in ages as I was seriously disconserted with the slowness of my work. i know that I hadnt done it in years but that was no reason why I should be so slow. But my doubts and fears of lack of talent went out the window this sunday as I created a vase that i'm really happy with from start to finish in one sitting. (well other then the firing and glazing of course) Now the question is whether I can get back into going every tuesday and not putting it off.... talking of that it is Tuesday and time to leave work and decide about going to pottery!

Friday, 25 April 2008

Attention Span

I so think that I must have ADD or something ...cause at the moment I have the attention span of a ...umm... well a very small attention spanless animal!

I have no been able to focus on one thing for more then 5 mins today !! this has not made for a very productive day - oh dear! Luckily i didnt have too much on my plate and with a nice long lunch thrown in it was all good.

And now i've become bored of this and my attention is elsewhere so and going to post this before it becomes another post in my drafts.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Climbing graphics/ Prints

So to try and continue my push to keep posting I've got a link for people today....


This is the website for a graphic designer that creates these very cool and funny climbing graphics. There are def some of them that only climber can 'get' but they are still very cool in the graphic sense. The are available to buy as postcards, prints framed in various sizes as well. My personal favorite is a mountain with a sign pointing to the top saying SALE...it is entitled "Motivation" - how apt !

Otherwise I've had the most boring day including a 3 hour seminar on freaking roof tube lights (i.e. skylights that direct daylight into a space) I found the point of this seriously useless as we mostly only do office fit out's in like multiple story buildings in the centre of London. So when the hell are we going to have the top floor that we would be able to punch a hole in the roof and put one of these in. Nevermind that we would have to be landlord permission as well as the ever elusive council permission as well as meeting all building regs and DDA compliance ...NO thank you very much! I'll just avoid that as much as possible.

And now i much stop procrastinating and get back to my annoying sectional elevations....

Sunday, 20 April 2008

I"m still Alive ...

So yeah its been awhile since i've posted. Sometimes life just runs away with me and then i get into this cycle of not posting and then its so much hard to start posting again. So i'm writing this inane stuff and see if that can get me back into the flow of writing.

So quite a bit has been going on in my life lately. I had my first climbing outside experience on the Isle of Portland in Dorset which was amazing but freaking cold !!! I did love it though! It was the easter weekend and 4 days of climbing was pretty exhausting so chilling out time was def needed after that.

But alas there was no rest for the wicked and the rest of the week was taken up with furniture supplier parties, birthday drinks, colleges farewells and trying to get sort for my birthday and our trip away to Mallorca the following week.

The other big thing that was going on in the week was me changing teams at work. I was playing the politics at work as best as I knew how and it has seemed to have paid off. I had to tread very gentley as I had to get Miss Unhinged to feel like it was her idea for me to move on and I had to not make it seem like I forcing Trini Party Boy to def leave even though his visa had run out. And not make new guy, hong kong guy, feel like he got the raw end of the deal by having to now work with Miss unhinged ! EXHAUSTING. Oh yeah and make my boss think it was the best idea and make the move around happen. So it all happened smoothly and I'm so happy with my new designer and her boyfriend the team leader !! We were all already good friends mostly from nights stumbling around london together including situations of being in the team leaders bed (totally innocent) and messing around in a sex shop (never an innocent place ;) !

So am going to post this now before it becomes even longer since i've written something...
More catch up stories to follow :)


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