Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fuses and Plugs

You seriously learn something new everyday!!

On monday it was the fact that plugs here in the UK have fuses. Well to be honest I had taken note that there were fuses in the plugs but I hadnt really considered the practical application of it.

Come Monday morning as C put the washing in the washing machine and turned it on it managed to throw a wobbly and trip the electricity. Now in SA this had happened to me with numerous appliances and was always simply a case of flicking the switch on the electrical board and hoping that the appliance would trip it again when you use it. So C went out and flipped the switch to get the electricity back on and then tried the washing machine....


it is now dead.

So we call up the landlord as this is something that we really do need to sort out asap!

After a conversation where it was decided that i'll just pull out the plug and put it back in and see what happens and then call him. Of course I thought that this wouldnt work and so after lugging the machine out of its hole and nearly breaking off the inlet pipe. We then get another call from the landlord to say had we checked the fuse... I mean really like I would have thought about the little thing hidden in the plug that we dont have in SA.

So we pull out the fuse and now have to find a 13 Amp fuse at 9pm somewhere in the house. But what else need such a powerful fuse? Looking as a few plugs we only come up with 3Amp fuses. Then I get the sudden idea... MY HAIRDRYER!

And what do you know... the hairdryer is the only other powerful enough appliances in the house! And stealling the fuse out of there and into the washing machine plug it was all fixed!!

But now I didnt have a working hairdryer!! I dont know what is worse?!?!

Ending side track:
On sunday night I watch 2 VERY different TV shows where the main characters names were the same as mine... then it turns out the in both shows the chick with the same name as me gets raped!! BOTH SHOWS. I think that is seriously weird.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Busy Busy Busy & blog ideas

Have been super busy of late and havent really been in the mood to blog for awhile now. Purely cause I've have no desire to really to stare at a computer screen after the long hours I've been putting in at work.

One of the things that i've been trying to do which has taken all my blogging energy is creating a blog for my company for internal use. It is all about our environmental policy and getting an environmental accreditation and all things eco. SO have been trying to creat something really great. They were going to outsource it to a webdesigner but I was like we should keep it in house especially since we need to update it regularly and we would if it is outsourced.

So was wondering if any of you regular bloggers out there have any pointers, or what things do you love about the blogs you read or run yourself. OR what are your favourite blogs at the moment??


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