Monday, 6 September 2010

Time for a refresh...

To be honest I've been completely uninspired by my blog these days... I look at it and just nothing - not interested. But I want to be. I like getting things down, having them there to look through etc. 

So since I've been doing an image overhaul on myself these days I've done a quick image overhaul on my blog. And to be honest I think and refresh is needed. I may even try keep it fluid and change a few things more often. Like the background image. I've been hugely inspired by my photography of late and am loving the cool quick and easy results I'm getting with my iPhone. It is crazy but you can create images that would take me hours in photoshop in just 10 minutes of work on the phone. I've yet to see how they translate to printed media and I doubt they'll print great quality at large format, but hey those are not my requirements. 

My photographer friend, havent figure out a name for him yet on here, and I have even been discussing the role he is finding in his work for the iPhone. He is happier with the iPhone results over his digital camera.... But of course not over his very awesome 6x6 "Mamiya" manual camera. May actually pop a link in here sometime and let people click through to his site as he is doing great stuff with his photography and I'm hoping he will the photography artwork of his forward and start exhibiting sooner rather then later. 

So here is hoping for inspiration....


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