Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Saturday, 13 October 2007


So on wednesday this week Miss organised for all of us to go to Fifteen (Jamie Olivers resturant) for dinner. Which was a great idea for Owen to go as what a 'tourist' opportunity! Since Miss M has connections there we got the best table in the 'cheap' upstairs section and free starters as well :) I must say that it was a great evening even though I was so finished from the day at work and still not feeling 100% ! Anyways am just going to post the pics quickly and then need to get going to get down to Miss M's for a braai.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sunday evening

So its Sunday evening and it feels like it has been an incredibly long day even though i've done nothing. I was wake early this morning at around 8 am in serious pain. So am thinking the hangover on Friday and what I thought was a continuation of it on Saturday was actually something else underlying. So today was spent trying not to feel so shit.

Yesterday we went climbing as usual and it was great as always but also frustrating as I felt so shit and therefore unable to push my grade. I did however get loads of belay practice done including belaying tony as he continually tried to dyno for a grip and falling! (dyno = using weight to swing yourself upwards as you leap for a grip out of reach!) I did however push myself to make a move that I was struggling with but did land up with my first climbing injury - just a little graze but strangely enough and proud of it cause the move was definitely worth it ! I still have to return to the route and complete it - this is def a vendetta route for me!

My Injury:

Well here hoping I am better tmr - otherwise it is off to the doc !

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Owen's arrival

Monday heralded the arrival of my friend Owen to the city of London for the first time. We’ve been preparing for his arrival for ages now by attempting to clean the house up but of course the plans are easier said then done. A frenzied clean on Sunday night sufficed with a pretty good result.

I got to take the day off as I have extra leave that I would lose if I don’t take it. Was so great to have a little lie in on a Monday morning and not having to rush off to work. As Owen and I hadn’t made set plans to meet at the airport I wasn’t keen to cut the timing fine so started off for the airport at 11:30 for his arrival time of 13:00 – damn it is a long journey to heathrow!

All I can say is thank heavens I have an ipod and am loving the blackberry. I got to shut out the noisy little children screaming around me with some nice loud music and sat surfing the web (and still dealing with work emails) while occasionally reading my book. Was great, so much better then the usual airport experience.

Then found Owen and took him back to ours to settle in and introducing to things he needs to know about London – like standing on the right of the escalators and that the open buttons on the tube don’t work ! I love it when I catch people thinking that they can use them or trying to push them sneakily.

We then did some fish and chips at Owen’s request and then after some emailing and waiting for C to get home we then headed out to meet Miss M and Kat and Tony for some drinks at Porterhouse and the walkabout in Covent Garden.

Was a great evening out, lots of fun and giggles had by all. And of course had to take some pics…see below.

Then off he headed to Amsterdam first thing the next morning and will be back in a week.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

More evidence of my climbing addiction ...

So it is official - the climbing thing is here to stay. it is an addiction that i'm happy to say i have. I've now taken steps futher into it by buying my own shoes and chalk bag :) they are nice and red and they match as well! :) I have to still girly about it all!

So here are pics of my new shoes and chalk bag ... yip i'm that addicited that i'm so proud of my pretty shoes - plus they really make a huge difference to my climbing and def working more on form and movement and problem solving. C just laughs at Miss M and I standing at a route discussing it like real climbers ! LOL


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