Wednesday, 25 February 2009


So I got to go past the new flat today and measure up a couple of the rooms. Esp wanted to measure the bedroom as I really dont want to buy the wrong sized bed on friday before moving in. So while watching the most random movie tonight (Three and Out) I sat here and drew them up on Sketch Up (the only tool I had at hand at the moment)

So here is the result ..

Doesnt look like we are going to be able to fit in the bed that we wanted (from the previous post), well the headboard with the hidden storage.

And as expected packing is going slowly with loads of procrastination !

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

I got the Chair

So it is official I got the chair. I'm becoming quite the ebayer :) I must say that C was impressive with his prediction of the price! So it is mine for £51 beating the other bidder by a pound. How exciting. Now I just have to pick it up when we move and figure out how to reupholster it .... Oh yeah and lets not forget actually making a decision on the design of it.

We also got the contract for the flat today so it is all happening. Becoming more and more real everyday - Is SO exciting. Which reminds me that I have to go and start signing all the pages of the contract and to do that I have to tear C away from his endless google reader session. :) We are such sad IT geeks sometimes. I blame him!

Monday, 16 February 2009

I hate waiting !

So I’m seriously hating this waiting to find out if we have past the tests and can have the flat !! This is just annoyingly frustrating. I mean I’m a good girl – I deserve this! Ok so it really doesn’t help that I’ve left my phone at home and have no idea if the estate agent has called!! But then surely he would call C if he gets no reply?? ARG

Anyways so I’ve become completely obsessed with furniture. The place is unfurnished and we’ll have to furnish it. At the moment C has a few pieces that are going to come with us but it is all the biggies that we don’t have. Like a bed and couch (a futon doesn’t count babes) and wardrobes. And then lets not also forget all the thing we are going to need in the kitchen. Like plates!! And bowls. We only own the random things like a mixing bowl, stock pot, teapot (but not the mugs) and electric mixer!

So all of this means SHOPPING! And my fav place to shop these days is online! Always want the best deal. So basically spent the entire weekend being obsessed with home furnishing. And I’m not kidding when I say the whole weekend. So far this is the Ikea bed that we have choosen. And that is the main concern right now until we get the go ahead to move.
BUT then I followed the line of thought were I remembered the Gorgeous furniture that I discovered (and posted here) that happens to cost a fortune (nothing under £2900). Back then I had the thought that I so could do that. So hey why not. So below is the chair I’ve found on ebay (for £22) and below that is the general idea of what it will look like when done. So I just have to make the decision to bid. And you know me and decisions!
Ebay chair:

Jimmie martin chairs:

Well I’m off back to my furniture hunt :)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Flat on the Horizon

So it looks like we have found a place that we really like and the landlord has accepted our offer of less for the rent which is great and now it is just for the paperwork. It is just so exciting getting a place that is just ours so I had to share.

It has just been horrid flat hunting. I really cant beleive what people are passing off for flats for exhorbitant amounts ! We have been so lucky with this place for it is a large one bed with brand new finishes and fittings which is a luxury in this market and time. Plus I reckon it is a steal. Our compromise is that we are going for a 1 bed instead of 2 bed flat and a flat with no outdoors area. But here is the other huge pro, it is a few mintues walk from our climbing gym! YAY

More details to come ...

And for now, heres a pic I took today in a random little non-conformist cemetary.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Time flying

I just hate how things go so fast. There is just so much I want to do and so little time. I almost view my frequency of blog posts as a measure of just how time is flying. I so want to actually post more and when I have things to post like the last week, then there is just too much happening and I don't get a moment to post. I mean right now I've grabbed a moment on my blackberry to start typing this while heading home on the tube at 9pm on a monday night. Well that I my fault as I was out shopping. Oxford street did lure me in.

Last Monday was just amazing. The snow day got more and more hectic and we were sent home at lunch time due to the fact that more snow was going to fall. So I landed up heading off to join The Countess (the old friend mentioned before) up at hampstead heath since C was stuck at work. After many hysterical phone calls of The Countess and I saying things like "I'm by a pond with a half a tree next to it can you see me cause I can't see through the falling snow" Every thing was so white it was stunning but everything really did look the same.

I was amazed at how busy it was. I mean busier then a summers day and that is really saying something! There were massive crowds at the tops of hills waiting to sled down them. I saw guys skiing through the heath. And loads of little groups of Snow boarders. I mean this is definitely not a usual day in hampstead heath!

The Countess and I then made snowmen (a first for her) which to be a little more creative were a tableau of a "stick up". Ok, so we were inspired by Calvin and Hobbs snowmen themes. Mine was a little demented, which i got bored with and started practicing my snow ball rolling to make huge balls for snowmen making and finally got it The Countess got a middle one for hers. I think it turned out pretty well and the end result was super cool. Talk about feeling like a kid again.

We then got out our cameras and took loads of pics of everything! I'll attach a few ... or more. Which doesnt seem to be working so will put them in a separate post tomorrow.

I really had one of the best days i've had in a very very very long time...

More catch up stories to follow soon :)

Monday, 2 February 2009

SNOW - YAY !!!

So it has been Snow since yesterday afternoon and all night. We have no had the most snow in London in 18 years. It is just so beautiful. What an exciting way to wake up on a monday. Luckily for most of my journey to work my tube was running while I walked the rest of the way. It was awesome. And of course was snapping pictures along the here are my pictures of the pretty snow. Is going to be a weird day at work since hardly anyone made it in.

This is the progression of the snow

Sunday Afternoon - 16:30

Sunday Evening - 22:00

Monday morning - 7 am
OUr back garden

The Ginger Ninja's bicycle

Shaftsbury Ave

Kingsway, holborn

Holborn Circus (outside work)

The park from my window at work

I just love the perfect snow on the turrent


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