Monday, 24 March 2008

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


So i've been promising myself that I would get these posted sooner but you know how life goes and once I have a break from blogging I have to find a quiet moment to respark the routine.

I was downloading the pictures of my phone and the videos as well and found the few ones I had taken of the Korn concert - I apologise for the quality etc I was too busy jumping up and down in the mosh pit ...well on the side of it.

I have no idea why i'm so attracted to mosh pits - I think it is the energy and most of them are really happy places as well. It feels like everyone is part of it cause they are just loving the music and the vibe and energy so much that just jumping up and down isnt enough of an expression of joy. Plus i have to say that it is def easier to see the stage as a short person by being near the mosh pit. I had the most perfect view over the mosh pit as everyone makes a huge gap for the mosh pit and keeps the veiw clear.

*Jonathan Davis playing the bagpipes*

I just cant beleive that I've finally gotten to see the band that I've loved for so long and never thought that I would ever get to see live. This is def another reason why i'm loving living in London. (but I must say that it is typical that once I leave SA Korn go and make plans to play there. They are actually performing this easter weekend in SA)

So here are 2 of the short videos I took - again very short and bad quality and I just couldnt stand still with my favorite song playing ....

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Home for Christmas

It is official...we finally found and bought tickets to go visit home for next Christmas :)

What a mission to actually find tickets that are at least a reasonable price for the high season. Most tickets are just horrendously priced and I seriously wonder how people can pay that much more for ticket in season compared to out of season! Mostly they are triple the damn price. Ok so enough whinging about the cost of the plane tickets... It is so great to have a set date that i'll be going back to visit. And the best part is that it is for 25 days in summer !! Glorious Cape Town summer :)

Family, friends, beaches, climbing and the beautiful mountain ! Cant wait.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Party Weekend

I cant believe how fast the last week has gone and that i havent gotten any posts out! Especially since I've had a very eventful week at that.
Friday was a much better day mostly just because I decided that it was going to be and it was of course nearly weekend and we have a fun filled weekend ahead !!
We got some climbing in before heading out to see a workmate, Mrs Quiet's husbands band play. Climbing was at first frustrating and I was getting my confidence seriously shaken but then we found a set of routes that I really enjoyed and flashed my first 5A (I know that means very little to most of you out there but I was struggling with that grade and always had to struggle with it so was great to do it first time) Rushing off straight after that with the adrenaline pumping through my veins we headed back into central London.

The band, A Quiet Minute, who arent very quiet were great and since it was only their second live performance it was very impressive. But the big shock/gossip of the evening was when the 2 senior designers from work that had joined us made it very clear that they were now dating by very publicly snogging over the bar. Now that was entertaining. The evening as a whole was great, there was such a good vibe and C and I just enjoyed being in the moment together!

Saturday was a very late start since we had only crawled into bed at 4am. Mostly the day was just lounging around and C off playing shoot em up computer games with the housemate... this was until they then decided to finally hang up the coat rack. This was def a very entertaining experience ...boys are funny ! Firstly there is the whole debate about generally were the electrics are in the wall and the basically just decided to drill and see what happens. At least they did think to turn off the electricity. Then they proceed to have a great debate about how to hang the two pieces together. We havent hung it for almost a year now cause of missing pieces (washers) but strangely enough they now landed up with pieces left over. Now to position it. I would just like to point out that using the straight edge of a book to line up holes that are further apart then the spine of the book isnt a good idea ! but anyway. Being boys it was basically about using the power tools of course. The best part was when the housemate would just wander off with the torch and leave C drilling in the dark. This resulted in C finding his head torch which just looked hysterical!! So through the whole process I got to sit back and watch in fits of giggles.

We had plans to head off to a party at a club in town called Abacus which was organised by a bunch of Trinidadians of which one of my workmates is part of (him being Trinidadian and all). The committee that holds these parties once a month in London is called busspepper and seriously have a look at the website and head to one of their parties sometime. It was touch and go about whether we we going to go being all exhausted from the party the night before but we did land up going and having a fab time !! What a nice happy chilled out party vibe !! It was packed but everyone was SO friendly! It felt like the same vibe we would have partying in Cape Town. We had such a good time getting all hot and sweaty on the dance floor and got to be all ranchy and stuff - even tho C and I were so not ranchy compared to the grinding that the Carribean people like to do ! I was very impressed that we stayed at the club till 3am but hey time flies when your having fun !!

And sunday was pure recovery day and recharging for Korn the following night.... but that will have to be another blog soon :)


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