Friday, 19 February 2010

Damn where did the time go...

Seriously it has been ages since I've gotten a chance to sit and even catch my breath, let alone sit and actually blog something. Right now it is Friday evening and I'm still here at the office feeling a little strange from being over tired and over worked.

This year has gotten off to quite an interesting start I would say. I've come back to work and have been solidly working on a pretty huge project. £1.8 mil fit out job. Also this is a very high end client wanting high end (and above) attention. I'm seriously EXHAUSTED! But it has been good as well. I get to take on a more project orientated design role and it is pretty much a proving case to people that well I know my shit! I think the client likes my work a bit to much in the sense they seem to have it in their head that I'm the project manager... I guess that is what happens if you get things done. But there is also a big political office jockeying going on with this project and well I just dont get it. I dont really do the game playing.

They other interesting thing is that Iranian princess is preggers! So the design dept is about to get even smaller. I'm really hoping that we will get cover for her! cause otherwise it is going to be a seriously long year and I may just have a nervous break down!

In other news I already have my next trip planned. I do start wondering if I should be spending so much money on travel whims... and should instead be saving to buy houses and do all that grown up stuff. But then I dont think that is really me at this stage - or ever, who knows. At the moment all I want to do is travel and see more places and experience more. Plus now i'm back climbing and not so sore anymore I'm just wanting more and more climbing trips. Also the climbing in Namibia and back home in Cape town was just awesome and I want to get out onto the rock even more then this time last year. It does help that we have this really great climbing group that we are part of and they are all just as motivated (actually more) to get out there and climb.

So that brings me to the next trip... We are off to the US for 10 days! Flying to San Fran on my birthday (going to be a 35 hour day!!) and then drive off around california, nevada and Utah ...Climbing!! YAY. There is a lovely group of us going - about 10 in all. I'm so excited and it has really given me something to look forward to and plan... I become a little obsessed with travel planning! Maybe that should be my next career.

Ok am going to fall asleep at my keyboard... going to harrass C to head home now :)
Have a GREAT weekend


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