Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Every Weekend should be a 3 day affair

There really are moments and day where I say to myself I love living in London. There are actually more days I say that to myself then you would think. I've never really understood how people could be miserable here ... well actually I do "understand" it but I just dont get it when there is just so much going on here and so much that you can get involved in. If there is one city in this world that can cater to everyone I think this is it.

Bank holiday weekends are normally wonderful times to be in the city of London. They always see them as an opportunity to just enjoy life. yeah I think that is what you could call it. On Saturday which was gorgeously warm we headed down to the Southbank to meet up at the Tate Modern with Miss M and friend of hers who as usual was weirdly connected to both C and I.

Once there we encountered the weirdest scenes outside the Tate, It was like they had beamed in some hippie festival. miss M even said that my photos made it look like we were far out in the countryside and not in the middle of London. There were loads of stall and interactive art things going on for kids. Playing with clay, making gingerbread men, making themselves dress up clothes, it was endless. There was a stage on the grass with random musical acts. Recycled stuff make into art work...there was just so much to see. This was all under the banner The House of Fairytales.

After roaming around there we headed in the Tate Modern turbine hall to see the exhibition which they had recreated from the original exhibition in 1971 called bodyspacemotionthings by robert morris. This was pretty cool in the sense that we got to run around like children interacting with the installation. It was things like balancing platforms, tightrops, climbing "chimneys" (C nearly got us kicked out when he did this as he mantel up and over the top of it...they were not impressed.) It was fun but I must say that health and safety always had to come into play which can be sad. Always being stopped when it is your choice to do something that could be deemed somewhat dangerous. The one bit where you were supposed to be able to hold onto a rope and stand on a ball and walk it around in a circle was of course not allowed. How sad.

After that we headed off to borough Market for some food - still one of my fav places in London. And after a long day got onto a bus and headed home slowly just like my body was feeling. I just love that the sun came out and it was warm and everyone took advantage of it. That is one of the best things about London - we dont take good weather for granted. That was also evident on Sunday when after some climbing indoors we headed down to the park and lay in the sun on the grass with everyone else. People get out and enjoy the weather. Grab some food and drinks and head to the park. everyone and anyone. even the neighbourhood goths get out for the sun.

I went summer dress mad on Friday and bought 5 dresses. This is so not like me as I hardly buy 1 dress let alone 5! but I just had this desire to have pretty summer dresses and really enjoy what the summer has to offer this year - hopefully it will be better then last.

This is where i'm going to leave this but will add some photos to enjoy :)

Monday, 18 May 2009


I need some!

Seems like i'm either rushing around or planning to rush around these days, and it isnt stopping. If i'm not physically busy then i'm also mentally busy - i really need some downtime where i can just shut off my brain. It is also getting hard to shut it off at night and i land up going to bed way too late and feeling crap in the morning. Need to find a better routine here. Not much is going to change for at least the next month tho. Plus things got a little interesting at work and i'm try to concentrate on that and make the most of the opportunities and not get stuck in the boring hole that is full time cad monkey stuff.

I'm def battling to keep at bay that overwhelmed feeling like everything is just piling up and i'm not getting through what i want to. I keep telling myself that it is just my perception and that it is all manageable and as usual i'll make my way through things and come out fine on the other side.

I read a post on Po's blog a little while ago and it was all about blogging and why ...well it really struck home for me and am feeling the smae way about it all. this has become a vanity blog as C calls it and i was writing alot of the time for the readers that i've gathered... I really wonder sometimes what they get out of reading this blog if they dont actually know me in real life. I know that C finds it interesting as things may come up that i've not shared with him. But mostly he must find it weird to read stuff from this perspective esp about things that he did with me. I've been asked a few time why do i blog - mostly by people that do interact in the blog world. But I still cant really answer them. I have no idea why I blog other then the fact like right now I'm sitting here in my lounge pouring out the random activity in my brain and just letting my fingers type away. I know that i'll feel calmer after this.

I did start my blog originally to blurb stuff out there and it was all very abstract stuff that even the people that knew me and read it did quite get what i was on about. I liked that and it would be nice to get back to something like that. i do know that i'm not explaining comment i make on here to other people anymore. Maybe that will help to not hold me back from letting stuff out there. Because I do really need a release sometimes. I know i cant always expect C to listen to ALL my shit... :)

I also had a very random request from a reader of my blog to write a post about Mallorca. I was very amused, shocked, interested by this. It was just so random and flattering in a way. i wasnt planning on writing anything about the last trip since it was very bitter sweet with me just heading out there to check on my brother and see how he is handling life etc. It was wonderful to see him and also very sad. I didnt have much Mallorca stuff to blog since as goes my brothers life we only saw the bar between his flat and the beach and the actual beach.

NOTE to reader with this request: I have travelled there quite a few times before. I would check the travel tag on my blog, also check the archives Dec 07, april 08 and i think sept 07.
here is a quick list of my fav things there:
  • the cathedral (i love these in any city but this one is quite beautiful and a bit "gothic" as well)
  • Illetas beach (this is where my bro lives and is one of the most beautiful little beaches) from the centre of Palma take the no 3 bus i think. it runs along the peseo de born past the cathedral.
  • the old town of palma is great to walk around. In the old town area to the west of Peseo de born (near the circle) there are loads of great local clubs and bars and yachty hang outs. I forget all the names right now - i'll try remember and post later.
  • The main run of "tourist" clubs are along the waterfront. On of the more local flavour clubs is made in brazil (here is the map position) All the club are there abouts. The big chains are there as well like Puro beach etc. But be careful as things can get raudy and the Spainish culture has no problems with pushing and shuving and getting into your personal space - DO NOT get offended by it. I've also seen some worse fights in those clubs then i have here in London and that is saying something.
  • I would also suggest a visit to the Castle as it is a lovely piece of work. One of the only truely round castles of the time. It also has the most amazing 360 degree views of Palma.
  • My other suggestion is to hire a car for a trip around the island. It is a very small island and it is possible to drive from one side to the other across the middle in 30 mins! We took our time driving up the coast and around the country side. Some of my fav towns are Deia, Valldemossa, Port de pollensa (from this town the drive out to the lighthouse on the very tip of the peninsula is awesome scenery)
Note about the driving - it can be very scary. I loved it but my bf calls me Colin after the rally driver. They stopped marking to the hairpin bends cause there are just so many of them. Treat every corner like it is going to keep turning and it will be fine. The roads in the country side are seriously tiny so watch out for on coming cars. Plus they drive on the right side of the road - so that is the opposite to normal for me and that takes some getting used to. But after all that it was the best way to explore the island and i had great fun driving around. Esp when I got stuck behind some REALLY nervous tourist drivers who where only driving at 5 kms an hour (am not exagerating! what should have been 10 minutes drive turned into and hour! )

  • The other bit that I love about Mallorca is the climbing but i dont know if that is your thing.??

That is all I have energy to write for tonight

Hope you have a great trip there! I think i'll be off to Paris around that time...cant wait!

Ok now i'm exhausted and happily off to a warm bed (and need to get blood into my numb ass from the futon that i hate! but we will soon have a gorgeous couch...more on that laters too)

Friday, 8 May 2009

My In Tray

Its been a crazy week...filled with birthdays, ex's, Ikea,climbing, too much PS3 Civilisations gaming, too little sleep, and WAY too much work! At least the work part was only 4 days. Dont think I could have handled another day of this all. I was pretty much the ENTIRE design dept today! Not fun. Oh yeah and a presentation to the company this morning. ARG. I really do not look my best so early in the morning and when I havent woken up. NOt even the journey to work woke me up this morning.

Anyways...I get to go do some climbing outdoors tmr ...YAY. Even if it is horrid sandstone as i've been told. The bad part...The getting up early. I'm so going to meet random strangers to go climbing down south and i'm going to be like Shaun from Shaun of the dead...I'M NOT GOOD AT MORNINGS!

Well its time to get out of this work place (2 hours after i'm meant to leave and am the last one here) and go entertain the Ginger Ninja! YAY.


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