Monday, 24 May 2010

Sun makes the British happy..

*Believe it or not this is London!

Yes, the sun is out and warm in the UK! It has definitely been a long time coming but will probably be gone by the long weekend coming up. That would be typical British weather.

Had a bit of a hectic weekend and thought I would be more shattered come this morning at work but it looks like a bit of sun was all I needed. I'm sitting here looking at the nice little bit of tan I got from the weekend. oh joy :)

Friday was a nice chill social evening which is maybe another little story - but was a very late night as we got home after 2:30am, only to have to be up and about cleaning flat for guests to arrive. We now have one of C's friends little brothers (and one of C's little scouts that he led) staying with us for a week. His friend is on this crazy mission to win this girls heart by flying over here and wooing her all week as a surprise. He didnt want to do this alone so brought Little Brother along with him. So far they havent spent much time together and he is being left a little high and dry as he couldnt really afford this. BUT it is his first time out of South Africa and that is super exciting. One needs trips outside of ones country to gain perspective on life I think.

So we took Little Brother for a little walking tour of London... Well when I say little I mean little in comparison to the whole of London. We walked and walked and walked. We did Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Soho, Bond St, Hyde Park (Speakers Corner, the serpentine lake, the awesome umbrella tree) Westminster Abbey, Parliment square (complete with protesters tents that they are busy trying to evict furiously), Big Ben, the houses of parliment, The southbank including: The London Eye, Oxo Tower, Tate Modern, The millennium bridge. Then St Pauls and finally back home! Wow my feet are sore even typing that... But I did get this pic...

*I do love St Pauls. It never ceases to awe
C has been a bit ill this last week and was just getting worse and worse each day. By yesterday he was just exhausted and since we were tired already of endless socialising we head off just the 2 of us to the reservoir that is just behind our climbing gym, just down the road. We have always known it was there but never walked the 30 secs down the road to the reservoir centre to check it out. It has a little cafe there that mostly serves the little sailing and canoe club but it open to the public. We sat out on the terrace in the sun sipping our drinks and chilling out. It was like a little bit of the Cape Town lifestyle in our back garden. It was lovely and just so relaxing! Definitely one of the "undiscovered" corners to London. There was also one VERY large fish cruise around feeding and popping its head out the water by the edge of the terrace...

*I missed it sticking its head out the water :(... and there is no scale to the pic but it was about 400mm long

Then we went for a walk through  the park to the gorgeous little high st in Stock Newington. We do love wondering along this street. Such lovely little shops and cool vibe and so villagey. We stopped for snacks at the Whole Foods organic shops (so cool) and headed back to the park to go lie in the sun and get all the Vitamin D we could.

What a lovely day :)

* Lying in the Park eating watermelon - perfection!

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