Thursday, 29 July 2010

New gadget

Well finally four generations later I've finally joined the ranks of iPhone owners. I have wanted this since the day the first one launched but I refused to be hemmed into one service provider.

So the point is that I have a shiney new toy to play with :)

Oh the amazingness that is apple. Let's just say that I'm one happy girl. I can be such a geek sometimes!

I'm hoping that I'm going to get more blogging done now when I have a spare moment like now on the tube on the way home


po said...

What about the reception issues? My boss got one and while he is having fun with all the apps and the internet he has real trouble taking a call! But I guess they are giving out that cover thingy. It is a very sexy phone.

MidniteGem said...

so far so good... not had a problem yet. Had a great skype chat with my parents - even better signal then my previous 2 phones. Have had a few dropped calls but i was in a lift.

I think my hands are too little in interfere or i'm just too damn conductive - lol

It is really good at filtering out the surround sound - much better then what I had before.

But have still ordered the cover just incase.


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